Why do I have to have a separate contact lens examination?

A contact lens examination is a little different that an eyeglasses exam and a contact lens prescription is very different than an eyeglass prescription. Our doctors perform a detailed examination to determine which contact lenses will fit your eyes the best, give you the best possible vision and keep your eyes healthy. If a contact lens does not fit your eye correctly, it can actually cause more harm than good.

Why do I need another contact lens examination?

I already wear contacts. Each year that you wear contacts, the doctor needs to make sure that the contacts are still giving you the best vision and are the healthiest contacts for your eyes. If a contact lens does not fit your eyes correctly, you might be able to see ok, but they can cause more harm than good. Plus, contacts are always getting better, so the doctor may be able to prescribe a newer, healthier, more comfortable contact lens compared to what you are wearing now.

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